You will automatically create a Workspace when you sign up for an account. Within your Workspace, you will have two environments:

  • a sandbox testing environment

  • a production environment

You can have an unlimited number of Workspaces. However, each Workspace will have its own billing.

This means that you will need to have a separate subscription for each Workspace with a production account. However, you can have multiple workspaces with a sandbox environment that does not require a subscription plan.

Workspace Menu

You will find the Workspace menu on the top of the left-hand panel. Click the dropdown arrow to find:

โž• Adding a New Workspace

To add a new workspace, select the menu icon (the three dots) in the Workspace menu and click Create a Workspace.

If you have more than one Workspace, you can also delete the Workspace in the settings tab. Use caution as this cannot be undone.

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