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What's a workspace?

A workspace is a container that represents a higher-level grouping or organization of projects. It provides a logical separation for managing different sets of projects. Workspaces can help you keep your projects organized based on various criteria, such as different teams, clients, or applications.

You will automatically get a Workspace when you sign up for an account.

Within your Workspace, you will have two environments:

  • a sandbox testing environment

  • a production environment

You can have an unlimited number of Workspaces. However, each Workspace will have its own billing. This means that you will need to have a separate subscription for each Workspace with a production account.

Workspace Settings

You will find the Workspace settings at the top of the left-hand panel. Click the dropdown arrow to find:

➕ Adding a New Workspace

To add a new workspace, select the menu icon (the three dots) in the Workspace menu and click Create a Workspace.

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