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Reset Your Password

Simply click Reset Password and you will then receive an email with instructions on how to update your password. Please note that if you are using Google, Github, or Microsoft authentication, you will need to change your password directly with them.

Transfer Ownership

Owners are the only ones with access to the billing of your project and in some cases you might need to transfer the ownsership to someone else. In this case you need to click the Transfer Ownership button:

After clicking transfer ownership you will need to confirm the operation.

Manage your subscription

If you need a custom subscription you can directly reach out to your account manager:

Manage your add-ons

Supplementary features, known as add-ons, are available for purchase in order to broaden the capabilities of your subscription.

You can find more details about add-ons here!

Delete Account

This is an action that you cannot undone. By clicking it, a chat pop-up will appear where you can provide the necessary information for our team to process your request for account cancellation.

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