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πŸ’Œ Why invite team members?

Building projects typically involve teamwork and collaboration. To facilitate this process, you can invite team members to join your Workspace. This means you can easily grant others the ability to access and contribute to your projects, promoting effective collaboration and seamless communication.

How to invite team members?

Inside the Workspace Settings, you will find the Members tab. Or you can easily get there by clicking Accounts Settings -> Members

To add a user or "Member," click on the Members tab and click the invite button.

Your workspace comes with 3 free members. After reaching that limit, you will need to pay $20 for each extra member per month.


At this time, all members have the same permission with a couple of exceptions:

  1. Only owners can delete a Project

  2. Only owners can transfer ownership to another user

  3. Only owners can access billing

🚫 To delete Members, simply click the delete button next to their email. You can delete Members whose invites have been accepted or are still pending.

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