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Launching a project out of the sandbox and into a production environment requires just a few steps. This article will explain how to do so and will also explain the resources needed to complete the task.

Upgrade to Production

You have two ways to go in production once you have finished testing in the sandbox (or whenever you want):

1. By clicking "Upgrade" at the top of your dashboard:

2. By going to the "Billing" of your project (configuration):


  • Once you click "Upgrade", you will need to fill in some billing information

  • The last step is to provide a valid credit card on our payment platform ( Stripe)

If all goes well, then you will see this

We offer both USD and Euro currency options. Use the toggle to switch between currencies.
You can view all of our pricing info here.

πŸ’³ Update Your Billing Info

If you already have a subscription and you need to update your billing information, click on the Billing tab. Here you will have a form to edit the billing address.

(Only owners can access billing)

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