Do you want to play live streams in a Vue app?

Using our API, you can implement a Live stream module in a VueJS website.

Even though we don’t provide anything dedicated to Vue.js for now, it’s easy to embed the iframe of the player in a Vue app.

Our player SDK can be used in a Vue.js app if more controls/customization are needed.

Examples of integrations will soon be published in our documentation/blog in case you struggle to work with it.

Do you want to live stream from a webcam in a Vue app?

This is tricky since a back-end is needed to convert the stream from the webcam to an RTMP live stream.

It can be done using our “browser to RTMP” Node.js module (

⚠️ caution: this project is still in alpha version

Do you want to call our API endpoints from a Vue app?

Our API isn’t intended to be called directly from a front-end app (except for uploading a video using a delegated token.)

The proper way to call our API is to call it from a back-end app (for instance, in a Node.js application, our Node.js api client can be used.)

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