Great news! Our subscriptions now make it easier for you to have multiple projects in your workspace. "A project is a container that allows you to isolate a set of videos, live streams, player themes under a single context."

Each project holds its own API keys for authentication. Creating different projects is especially helpful if you want to create a clear separation between different customers, companies or working environments."

Depending on your monthly plan, you will have a number of projects as outlined below:


This will enable you to keep your videos, player themes, usage information, API key and more!... effectively organized by project, so you can easily access the exact information you need.

To move between your projects, simply click on the project name, and it will be displayed automatically (to see your projects, you must scroll)

Overview page:

*With a Develop subscription, you may not be able to view this. However, you have the option to upgrade to one of our plans that do support it.

Managing your Projects

To manage your projects, you can go from the settings of your Workspace.

When creating a new project, you will see how many projects you have left (for free) in your plan.

Once you reach that quota, you will see the extra price per project (Add-ons) depending on your plan.
(you must accept the additional charges to continue).

Once inside your project, everything will work the same as before. To use our API go to your API keys, copy it and start integrating videos the way you want.

For those who need more projects than what comes with their subscription, we have created them as Add-ons so you can get as many as you want.
Check out more about it here!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via chat.

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