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"A project is a container in your workspace that allows you to isolate a set of videos, live streams, and player themes under a single context."

Each project holds its own API keys for authentication. Creating different projects is especially helpful if you want to create a clear separation between different customers, companies, or even working environments."

How to get more projects

You can add new projects from the settings of your Account. There you can also manage all your projects.

When creating a new project, you will see how many projects you have left (for free) in your plan. Once you reach that quota, you will see the extra price per project (Add-ons) depending on your plan.
​(you must accept the additional charges to continue).

Once inside your project, everything will work the same as before. To use our API go to your API keys, copy it and start integrating videos the way you want.

Projects in your plan

Depending on your monthly plan, you will have a number of projects.

Pay As You Go:

If you are in PAYG your plan will include only 1 Project (thanks to our add-ons you can purchase as many projects as you want).

Moving between your Projects

To move between your projects, simply click on the project name, and you will switch into it.

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