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How can I use LiveStream correctly?
How can I use LiveStream correctly?
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Livestream buffering indefinitely

In order to prevent the live stream from getting stuck (buffering indefinitely), please ensure that you are following the recommended settings.

Make sure to verify that your connection speed is adequate and stable before the stream starts.


Minimum Upload Speed

Recommended Upload Speed

480p 30fps

1 mbps

3 mbps

720p 30fps

3 mbps

6 mbps

1080p 30fps

5 amps

13 mbps

4k 30fps

10 mbps

35 mbps

Live stream start delay

When a stream starts, it might take up to 30 seconds for the playback to start delivering.

Starting a live stream

Before starting the stream, it is important to have an intro (static picture, countdown, etc.) to the beginning of the stream that will allow users to connect before the stream starts and also to check if everything is working correctly.

Ending the live stream

Make sure to use an outro (static picture) at the end of the stream for 30 seconds. This is a good way for users to indicate that the stream has ended.

When reaching the end of the playback, the player buffers until the live stream is deleted, which could take from 10 seconds to 5 minutes and could cause the live stream not to end properly even if you have stopped the broadcast (For viewers it means the last 30 seconds looping during this time)

Connectivity loss reconnection

Reconnection is handled by However, an edge case might occur (very slim chance), which will result in the inability to reconnect to the stream with good quality. In this case, we recommend creating a manual stream reconnection, where the streamer (you) will need to create a new stream key while the consumers will have to refresh their player instance with the new asset.

Reading stream history

While the stream is live, the user can watch the stream for up to 1 hour in the past thanks to our DVR.

As soon as the stream ends, we will store the stream for another 4-5 minutes subsequently ending the stream and disposing of the cached video.

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