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Setting up your custom domain
Setting up your custom domain

We explain how the process works and what is needed to activate this feature in your account.

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1. Introduction

As explained above, setting up your own domains is a manual process. It requires an exchange of information between you and our customer care team and you also will need a production account.

2. Process

To add your own domain, navigate to "Domains" in the side menu of your dashboard. From there, click on "Add your own domain," and create a ticket. For the ticket, you will be asked to fill out the following information detailed in this article, depending on your specific use case.

2.1 Providing TLS certificates requires a valid TLS certificate for every custom domain that you want to use and also your certificate key.

Simply upload the certificates for every custom domain through your ticket.

Find here some domain providers with which you can easily get your certificate

Once you send us this information, we will make the necessary changes on our side and when everything is ready you will have to follow the steps described below.

2.2 Updating DNS records

You need to update your custom domain’s DNS records. Simply add a CNAME for every custom domain that you want to use. Each custom URL should point to’s corresponding CDN.





The steps to update your custom domain’s DNS records are determined by the domain host that you use. Contact your domain host if you are unsure about the specific steps of updating the DNS records.

Depending on your use case, you might need separate domains for video, live, collector, and embed services. This should be done for every custom domain that you want to use.



Live streaming,,

VOD and Live streaming,,,

VOD only ,,

VOD using your own custom player

2.3 Start using your new video or live domain

After you have configured your DNS records and provided the corresponding TLS certificates, will enable traffic for each custom domain that you want to use.

This process usually takes a few hours. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

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