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Does provide analytics?
Does provide analytics?
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Yes, provides video analytics! Check out the details below.

For technical information, consult the guide in our documentation.

How is analytics data collected?

To provide video analytics, we use playback event data that is generated whenever a viewer interacts with your video. By collecting data on the viewing event during each interaction, we can provide you with additional details on playback events, such as the viewer's country, browser, and device.

How can I enable analytics for my videos or live streams?

All data being used is generated by the built-in player. If you are already using our player, then analytics will be automatically available for all your videos and live streams, no matter where playback occurred.

If you are not using our player, you are still able to get analytics by implementing one of our provided analytics plug-ins, which are available for hls.js, video.js, Android and iOS.

Are analytics available immediately?

We provide all analytics in real-time. However, please be aware that there may be a natural small delay due to the need for data processing and transfer. The delay should not exceed 60 seconds and will typically be between 12 and 60 seconds.

What data points are available?

You will be able to see the number of plays, segmented by various dimensions:

  • segment by timestamp

  • segment by video ID

  • segment by livestream ID

  • segment by country

  • segment by device

  • segment by browser

  • segment by operating system

Additionally, you can use a filter to narrow down on a specific time period, video or live stream.

How long is data available?

Currently, data is retained for 30 days. Longer retention is planned as part of the roadmap.

Why do I see no data in my API response/on my dashboard?

If you are not seeing any analytics data, there could be different reasons. To troubleshoot, please consider the following possibilities:

  1. There were no analytics collected during the time period you selected. Try selecting a different time period.

  2. There were no analytics collected for the video or live stream you filtered on (API only). Try selecting a different video or live stream or remove the filter entirely.

  3. You are not using the built-in player and you have not implemented the analytics plug-ins or the implementation is not correct. Check the documentation on how to implement the plug-ins.

If all of the above are not applicable, please contact us with the specific API query or screenshot of the dashboard page and explain where you suspect analytics data is missing. We will investigate with our engineering team and provide a resolution.

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