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Restream a Live Stream to Multiple Platforms
Restream a Live Stream to Multiple Platforms
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Yes, you can restream to multiple platforms and you can find how to do it right here.

What is the restreaming feature?

The restreaming feature allows you to broadcast your live stream to multiple RTMP-compatible platforms simultaneously, such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook. You can expand your audience reach by sharing your content across different streaming platforms.

How does the restreaming feature work?

When you enable restreaming, the received live stream is forwarded as is to the specified RTMP services. You need to provide the RTMP server URL and stream key for each platform. It's important to ensure that your stream is compatible with the requirements of each platform.

What changes have been made to the API?

The API now includes a new attribute called restreams in the live-stream object. This attribute allows you to specify the RTMP services to which your live stream will be restreamed. You can update the live-stream object to add or modify the restream destinations as described in our API reference [Link Here] or you can do it when creating the live-stream object. Please note that updates to the restream list are not effective for running live streams and will be applied to the next time you start to broadcast.

What is the limit of restream destinations?

The feature is limited to 5 restreams maximum for a given live-stream.

How does the restreaming feature affect the current LiveStream implementation?

There is nothing to worry about. When using restream we internally forward the stream to the RTMP module, and the live-stream continues through the usual broadcasting, packaging, and delivery process.

If your live-stream object has an empty array for restream, it will continue work as normal, unless you modify it.

How does the pricing work for the restreaming feature?

The restreaming feature is usage-based and it involves a specific price per minute, which is multiplied by the number of restreams.

Do I need to update my subscription to use restreaming?

No, the restreaming feature is available to all customers by default. However, you will only be charged for using the feature based on your actual usage.

For more information, see our documentation here:

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